Character Publishing

Character Publishing, Copenhagen
Goodnight stories about history of science

The first illustration I made for “Science stories for kids” on Character Publishing was this watercolor drawing depicting William discovering a box of telescope lenses.

The book is a story about William and his aunt Gunvor (a coincidence her being my name sister) who is an astro physisist. Through her, and all the reserach equipment and boxes in her house, Williams learns to question and discover the history of science.

I made the illustrations and general layout, with final typo for the story set by a different designer.

Chapter illustration when Williams lerns about Ole Roemer. Print available in my web shop here.

Chapter illustration from when William finds an old telescope in the attic. Limited edition print available in my web shop here.

Typography for the cover is hand lettered in indigo ink based on Garamond.


For sales in Norway: The book can be bought in my shop at Bryggen in Bergen or through my web shop

For sales in Denmark: Through Character Publishing