Bryggefelleskapet//Bryggen i Bergen
Administrating a pirate festival inside Bryggen in Bergen

From May until August 2015 me and a couple of friends worked on our collaborative project that was “Pirate Festival at Bryggen”. It was initially ment to be just a small party to send off Kari Dahl on a balsa fleet in the Pacific. But since everyone thought a pirate party was fun and wanted to participate, we ended up arranging a pirate festival instead.

I had quite a few roles in this production, hopefully (if we do it again) I can outsource a few of the tasks. I was the Festival Captain, photographer, economics department, promotor (until I finally got someone to help me), and in house designer.

Here is a few examples of the visual work I did.


piratfestival_bryggen_piratdronning_pirate_queen_gunvor_rasmussenWe took quite a few promotional photos for the festival. The models are all co workers at Bryggen, with their own costumes. Props were scavenged from Statsraad Lehmkuhl and we used various rooms inside Bryggen for the shoots. The pictures are taken with a Nikkor 35mm 1.8 on a D5100, and a smaller camera which I can’t remember what was at the moment. And my iPhone. After they were heavily edited and sprinkled with stardust in Photoshop with Totally Rad Actions.

hege_svala_putterstuen_72dpi piratfestival_bryggen_bergen_gunvor_rasmussen_pirate_outfit_costume