Tall Ships Races 2019

Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019 / CoEvent
Map illustration and campaign

For Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019 I created a map conveying the festival areas and happenings, like a ton of sand being poured on to a grass field to make a beach club, arrival of pirate ships that are accessible for wheelchair users, areas of the city with warehouses converted to restaurants, activities, street food ares, and general merryment all around.


The brief was to make illustrations for a map for a Tall Ships event that will interest and be picked up by people not primarily interested in the tall ships races.

I made lots of little “easter eggs” you can discover in the map, some fantastic, some just plain normal but not too well represented: a breastfeeding mermaid, wheelchair users stagediving, 50% male and female crews, same sex couples with kids, grandma climbing the rigging, a female pirate captain, secret passages at Bryggen, and a mermaid in a bouncy castle. Layers that makes the map fun to read.


Local people might also recognize some of the characters.


I also made campaign illustrations, you can have a look at those here.