HAKU (Hardanger Kunstskule)

Illustration Course

Here is an overview of the course I’m teaching at HAKU for the moment.


YouTube: Photoshopping Watercolor Illustrations
YouTube: Timelapse Inking
Blogpost: Illustration for magazine Maison Mat & Vin
Blogpost: Illustrating emotions
Blogpost (not finished post): Different stages in a book project
YouTube: From ink illustration to watercolor and photoshop, timelapse
Blogpost: When I don’t agree with the author but still have to illustrate and deliver
Blogpost: Why it’s important to not sell your soul as an artist
YouTube: Timelapse of illustration from white paper to ink & watercolor, and into moving graphics
Blogpost: Where do I get my inspiration from?

For students: Link to your work

Illustration tasks:

Choose your own technique. Be as funny or as morbid as you want, make the illustration you would have liked to see.

1. Alice in Wonderland. Choose a chapter or passage, or make a new book cover from the text here

2. Illustrate a text of your own choice. (From a song, fairy tale, article, poem etc.)

3. Illustrate music. Choose a song that you know triggers something in you. Outcome could be a cover, poster, stage design or anything related to music performance. Here is a compilation of songs on Spotify I have drawn a lot of inspiration from earlier:

Inspiration drawing MoldeJazz

Inspirasjonsliste HAKU

4. Make a new cover for a book you’ve read. Both illustration and typography.


The deadline is a week from now, with the illustration presented in the medium it’s intended for. (Make a mock up for a newspaper, do a poster, make an animation that we can watch, stage design examples, textile design, you name it.)




Course calendar

Day 1:


– Short introduction to illustration; examples and techniques. (Illustrated books etc.)
– Go through the upcoming tasks.
– Work individually with the chosen task: sketches, idea, research. Individual feedback.


– Show my own illustration techniques (Videos here)
– Individual feedback, continue working with task.


Day 2


– Show examples of my illustration jobs, from text to finished product (Example here. More info on my Work-page)
– Continue work, individual feedback
– Timelapse of my illustration techniques and how to finish up in photoshop
– Continue work, individual feedback


– The Business Part of Illustration


Day 3


– Continue illustration work, individual feedback. Scanning, photoshopping.


– Prepare to finish up illustration product – scanning and photoshopping – printing


Day 4


– Finish up illustration products for display – set up exhibition

(Job well done!:)

– Short talk about getting your work seen