Pandora Film/TV2

TV2//Pandora Film
co hosting and illustrating for tv show

Illustration & co-hosting Hagetid at TV2. Aired in April 2017, six episodes.

I was a co-host, in house graphic designer, and illustrator for props used in the show as well as visualization in advance.

My office space during the that episode. Here I sketched up my initial idea in indesign, and painted a hand lettered gileded sign for a new lawn. The text changed while I was working, from “Do not step on the lawn” to “Newly planted grass” and the latin name of the grass type. I thought that was much more fitting for the area we were in.

I designed and sew a massive bean bag for one show.

It was to be used outdoors, so the fabric had to be water tight. I used a sturdy banner material and got it professionally printed. It arrived on a 3m long roll and I turned a terrance into a sewing studio that week.

For one episode I brewed up raspberry cordial on an outdoor stove, got bottles from the kitchen, and grabbed some paper laying around and quickly drew labels for us three presentors. Caught putting on lipstick before drinks being served on camera. Being a co-host and graphic designer on set for a gardening show meant also doing your part of the gardening work. Which means you are covered in dirt most of the time. At one point before getting in front of the camera for some final shoots, I had to be flushed down with a hose and then dressed in my polkadot presentor dress.

Long work hours, no sleep, covered in dirt, wearing polkadot dresses, and spending time with enthusiatic cameramen and crew; good fun to be part of this project!