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Watercolor illustrations

I quit all my part time jobs and started working as a full time illustrator for BT in 2006, and in 2007 I illustrated my first children’s book. Simone Stibbe (my editor at Skald) approached me with a book project we had no idea would end up in five children’s anthologies and two awards for both text and illustration.


The first book in the series was “Godnattboka”, 20 stories written by different authors, with my illustrations on almost every page of the book. The project was (mildly put) huge, and I had absolutely no experience with illustrating this many texts in one go, and within an eight months span. I just assumed it would work, so it did:)

Sleep deprived and exhausted the book went into print way overdue, and I learned what to do to prevent that in the future. Which is shorter and several more deadlines throughout projects, rather than long work periods with no one to answer to for ages. I’ve stuck to this since, and I keep setting the deadlines for myself shorter and shorter, especially for the concept and sketching stage. The research part is for the moment 1/3 of the job, sketching and concept jammed into 1/3, and inking and coloring 1/3. Which leaves more time for me to finish the drawings than before. The layout and design of the book is done in collaboration with my editor and designer, and influences all three stages.

When I did this project I was in my first year at Isotop Fellesatelier, and my first year at Visual Communication at KHIB. Juggling a full time illustration job for Bergens Tidende, and a full time illustration job for Skald Publishing, and a full time student. How that worked out I have no idea. I was probably circling a wormhole or something.