Memo game freebie

Since many are staying more at home than usual these days; here is something to focus them brain cells. This is a memo game I meant to give as a freebie for Easter Holidays, but figured this was a good situation as any to share.

This is an A4 printable. Save this image on your computer, print two copies in A4, glue with milk and a brush onto carton, cut by dotted lines with ruler and precision knife – and play a game of match up. The back side is the image underneath should you need to camouflage them pizza boxes. If your printer takes heavyweight paper that will do nicely too, and you won’t have to deal with the glueing.

Test batch mounted on 2mm carton:

Please tag me on Instagram @gunvorr if you destroy your siblings in a battle of brains;)

Update! *Lovely delivers carton if you run out of pizza boxes.*

(Not affiliated with no one, just helping a fellow small shopowner on:)