Board Game freebie

Since cabin fever might have reached some of you, I figured I’d share something that’s good about being indoors in cabins. Board games! I had my very own Game Jam  and developed a “Snakes & Ladders” (Stigespill in Norwegian). 48-ish hours to produce the board and concept underneath. Want to join in and play? Save these images onto your computer and print! The board game file measures 30x40cm for use on A3 printers. For A4 printers; just press “scale to fit media” when printing. It will be a little small, but pocket sized is good too^^

1. Save images onto your computer

2. Print!

3. Cut out characters and glue onto carton or do something else that will keep them upright.

4. Find a die. Youngest player starts. Get to that ice cream!

The figures above are my test pieces, so If you feel like joining in on gameplay testing I’d love to hear from you. Is it easily understandable? Is something confusing about the board? Too hard? Too easy? Does it need more tar, or ghosts?

The title for the game is “Get That MacGuffin”. For you storytelling nerds and scriptwriter fans out there this might make sense, but I’ll give a short explanation for the now confused ones. A MacGuffin is something you want. Desperately. You need it because or else you will fail. For this board it’s an ice cream. But not just any ice cream! It’s The Infinity Ice Cream, which is also what powers The White Mouse’s kingdom. She and her squad need to get to it, or her kingdom will be eaten by moths. Or something. Getting the hang of it? A MacGuffin is a term in the movie industry, about what a hero or villain might chase. The Ark of The Covenant. Unobtanium. Or the lost teddy bear “Joppe” that traumatised me as a child, being dead afraid my teddy might end up in the trash and be shipped away to live in a skip. (Rädda Joppe – död eller levande)

The MacGuffin for this board is the The Infinity Ice Cream. But there is more fun coming. I’m making game tokens for different MacGuffins and player characters, so that you can play different quests through the board each time. Next time the MacGuffin might be a diamond, a unicorn, or my favorite: “A Bathtub Filled With Pink Bubbles”. Or one of the more obscure MacGuffins for this game: “The Pencil of Writeousness”. It will get you out of any bad plot twists.

And so on.

But it’s also just an enjoyable “Snakes & Ladders” and can be played without any fuss. Now I’m testing if the board works at all. If there is something important I have overlooked, or if I shoud add more trap doors. Or less.

So here is the first version. Print the game and characters, get some dice, and enjoy:)