Studio moments at Bryggen

My shop is closed for the holidays until Tuesday 14th of January, but my web shop has been up and running. These days off have been spent sketching up this year’s projects, and packing goods for web shop customers.

My return address stamp is handmade by Ladyfingers Letterpress in Colorado, some good friends of mine from Central St Martins. Go check out their letterpress studio and shop!

The door handle to my upstairs office. Yup. That’s how we roll at Bryggen.

Fear of the dark soon cured. Once, the light outside my third floor office was busted, and I had to step into nothingness trying to remember where the stairs might be.

My building is the orange-ish one to the right. It has three different staircases to reach the same floor. One for quick access if steep stairs doesn’t put you off, one for less steep stairs but longer walk, and one reaching the gallery where you can walk all the way from the front to the back at Bryggen out of the rain.

View from the eaves outside my office. I actually like rain and do miss it sometimes if it gets too dry.

Back to packing stuff. My downstairs studio shop is back in business in a few days, see you there!