Eventyrboka in Chinese

This is so much fun. I now have two books in Chinese, and a third one brewing.

Eventyrboka was the second book that came out in Chinese, and I’m swooning over the layout and typography.

When set up with a different layout and alphabet it gave the illustrations a whole new place to play around in. Thanks to Yilei Wang and Ben Yoo for contacting me about the Norwegian book series, and then translating and making them happen in Chinese!

The books are originally an anthology from Skald Forlag. I have illustrated and been part of the design team for each book, and wrote a story for one of them. The first one, “Godnattboka”, came out in 2007, when I was still in art school. I juggled these massive projects between school work and working as an illustrator for Bergens Tidende. Learnt a thing or two about structure and deadlines in that period.

Working with the book series together with editor Simone Stibbe, graphic designer Øystein Vidnes and Silje Nes has been such a ride for my illustrations. Shout out to the people mentioned here; you are brilliant. Hope to work with you again on other projects.