Cambridge (1)

Inspiring things happening. Last autumn I took an online course in Creative Writing for the Fantasy Genre and ended up with a synopsis and 30 000 words for a YA novel about a Viking witch.

Now I’m continung the work, and signed up for another course in Creative Writing. This was on site, in Cambridge, and was more of a writing retreat, with lectures and tutors helping us along.

The best part? We worked and lived in surroundings like these. Here we were able to focus completely on writing, together with other authors, exhange ideas, and read our stories to eachother. A Disneyland for creatives.

Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education is located at Madingley Hall in Cambridge,  a country house built in the 16th century. In other words: a castle.

Yup. It’s a castle.

It’s the most inspiring setting I’ve experienced for a while, and I produced more work than I expeced. I’ll post extracts from the texts, just need to feed of this a little while longer.


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