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Festspillene i Bergen

Festspillene i Bergen // Bergen International Festival
Animation, stage design, motion graphics & illustration




Adele was working on the script, and I was working on how to translate the illustrations in the book into a visual environment on stage. My designs affected the script, and the script affected my illustrations, so none of us know who came up with what after a while. The perfect synergy.

Three weeks left we were still adapting the script, the show was then almost an hour long. I was drawing and animating at amazing speed, editing along with the new cuts in the script. Two weeks before the grand opening we were sawing, hammering, painting away at our props, sewing costumes, and at the same time doing rehearsals with me panicking because I was afraid of not being a good actor.

To this day I swear I will never, ever, want be that nervous again. Luckily that passed.
After about 20 shows.

And then we went on stage during Festspillene in 2012 and had our first show together. Painting, acting, laughing, and meeting new colleagues, and having a great time at it.

The best thing about this show, was that I met and got to work with Adele Duus. Who had the same tempo as me, who find the hilarious part of most things, and have the will to do what others deem impossible. “Of course! This is what we’ll do! We have no idea how, but it’ll work and it will be AMAZING.”

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