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Self initiated/Tidsreiser
Initiated a wizarding live for kids and grown ups at Schøtstuene at Bryggen

Together with Tidsreiser I initiated and helped create The Norwegian School of Wizardry! Read more about the school here.

I’ve been both principal for the school and in house graphic designer for timetables, signage, and graphic prop designer.


A pdf sent to all new students before arrival to prepare them for the magic filled weekend!

I created a character called the “Homework Ghost” that handed out random homework notes to the students from a top hat. Because why wouldn’t you.


For school classes I’ve designed pamphlets and posters with information about different creatures you can encounter in our fictional school-world.

web_trolldomsakademiet_laiv_larp_wizard_school_magic_skromt web_trolldomsakademiet_schotstuene_bryggen_school_magic_wizard_trollmann_norway

And one of the most fun things to design was a school treasure hunt. For knowledge. You had to use info from classes to be able to navigate a quiz that took you from room to room decoding alphabets, opening chests, and using charms to get info from other students to complete a task. The price was a dragon egg, that you got from a chest opened by a pink heart key in a heart lock. The key was only given to you if you could answer a riddle after researching which teacher would give you the riddle. This was sooo much fun to make! Hope I have time to make another quiz-run like this, I loved making the props for it.

As a part of the school, we also had to take a trip on a steam train. And then of course you need a sweets cart lady. I need to photograph all the labels I made for this!