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Frittgående Forlag
Illustrated book / Norwegian fairytale

Fairytales. The protagonist against the big monster. The journey. The bedazzling of princes and princesses. Dragons, witches, and kingdoms and vasts forests.


The fairy tale and folk tale is my favorite form, and of course my choice of writing style when I read or write. Drawing mythical creatures was my way into illustration, both through the fairytales read to me at home, through books by Elsa Beskow and other illustrators, and from the different Disney movies and comics based on local fairytales. sagnet_om_trollveggen_gunvor_rasmussen_illustrator_norwegian_norway

These two characters are from the book “Sagnet om Trollveggen”, an old story about the mountains in Romsdalen in Norway. sagnet_om_trollveggen_norske_eventyr_illustrator_barnebok

Kind of a Romeo and Juliet tale, only the courting couple and their wedding guests are having such a wail of a time that they forget about morning, get hit by the sun and turn to stone and become the mountains in the area.

The book is made to inspire walks and more use of the surrounding mountains, and one of my customers in my shop at Bryggen told me they found the book attached to a pole on one of the mountains! The pages had turned all hard from the weather, and it was still intact. Fun!