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Champagne fun & snotty waiter

Maison Mat & Vin sent me a brief I was well suited for:) “Spring, party & Champagne”! I sketched by hand lots of thumbnail sketches, and after a few rounds with the editor we landed on a wedding/snotty waiter/cherry three-themed one.

The deadline was in five days, so I had to work quickly since it looked like the drawing would have a high level of detail. The sketch process continued with me drawing out in pencil the different elements, scanning and moving them around on the page until we found the version we both liked. Lost count of how many versions.

Two women? One woman? Snotty waiter? Happy waiter? Flowers? More flowers? Less flowers? More party? More Champagne? Two tables? One table? What flowers are in the vases? Yellow hair, red hair, pink hair, blue hair? Mustache? No mustache? Stripes, polka dots, mesh? Blue trousers, pink trousers, yellow vest, pink vest? Decisions, decisions. It’s good to have an editor, because if you start thinking about “what they want” without getting any straight answers, you might use a lot more time, and even start censoring yourself, which is never a good thing. Usually my editors like a bit of crazy.

Picking colors for the drawing from my own photos of spring in Bergen.

When we landed on a sketch, I opened it up from Dropbox on my iPad, left my computer, and started drawing out the original drawing in ink and watercolor.

I drew all the elements out to scan one by one, different from last time I did a drawing for this magazine. Then I had time to draw the illustration out as a whole piece. (Which is actually sold already to a lovely couple, that also owns quite a few of my big haired ladies from before.)

I had to puzzle the piece together in Photoshop, and since I had only two days left after the sketch process, there was no room for mistakes or starting the inking process over again.

The finished illustration was in the Maison Mat & Vin 2014 spring issue .

Here is a photo of the illustration from when I found it in the magazine at my hairdresser:)