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Maison Mat & Vin/Schibsted
Illustrations for an article about autumn wines

I’ve illustrated a few themed issues for Maison Mat & Vin, this time about the wines out that autumn. Whenever I work for them I get the theme first, then maybe a few notes or a text, while developing the drawing. The text and the illustrations are usually being developed at the same time, which results in more sketches and closer work with the editor. I like working with them because the illustrations are never for just one article, but usually have to portray a theme. The brief was something along the lines of red wine, autumn, good company, good talks, and the energy and humor from my champagne ladies.


I usually sketch quite a few suggestions for them, but this time we nailed it early in the process, which gave more time to draw out the originals. I sent them photoshop sketches, then pencil sketches, and after a few tweaks, the finished illustration. When I sent it I also gave them a few small detail-illustrations of leaves and branches that they could place around the page if needed.

With Maison Mat & Vin it’s important that they portray a good relationship to alcohol, and their audience is mostly between 35-60, so we have quite a few rounds on how we want the ladies to behave. Here we landed on playfulness, but still classy and in a good and enthusiastic chat.

The illustration was printed in their autumn issue 2012.