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Illustration conveying feelings

This screenshot is my idea of what a good way of commuting during winter in Norway looks like. Floating on a caffeine high in a warm coat, moved around by warm winds.

This illustration was made for the magazine Fjord1, read by commuters on the ferries that crosses our fjords. The text was about the warm feeling coffee and solitude and good views can give you, even if you’re stuck in your car on a ferry trip to work. The woman who wrote the text wanted to covey that moment she had all to herself and her thoughts. If I had drawn a smiling woman with her eyes closed relaxing on her ferry trip chair or car, it would be just that. Not really communicating the sense of bliss the author is writing about. So I decided to change her way of commuting to just floating to work, because that’s what I read between the lines that she was doing. Floating on a warm, fuzzy, caffeine cloud of winter mornings and bliss.

Sometimes you get texts that just hits you. Even if it’s about something as mundane as commuting to work. I guess it’s the little things, right?