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Bryggen // Jacobsfjorden
Yearly since 2012
Christmas market and entertainment inside Bryggen

Since 2012 me and my fellow shop owners together with “Barn i Byen”, the cafe “Kaf” and “Tidsreiser” at Bryggen have arranged a Christmas fair inside Bryggen at Jacobsfjorden. snoprinsessen2



The fair and entertainment is different each year, but one event stays the same; meeting the snow princess.smaanisser_jacobsfjorden_bryggen_julpaabrygen_snoprinsessen

She comes to visit in her sleigh, and each year kids and grown ups come to visit her to take this year’s Christmas photo.

This year (2017) she will visit Nov 25th and Dec 2nd.

I’ve been project initiator and manager since it started, and I also designed the snow crystal decorations filling the street, and did the marketing.