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Bergens Tidende

This illustration was made for an article where I completely disagreed with the author. It was the usual rant over “kids nowadays” and how they closed themselves in their little worlds and their little heads sporting ear buds with gruesome noises in them. Being a big consumer of music, red lights started flashing on and off, and my inner righteous bull was ready to charge from reading the text. I work a lot with youngsters, and the image the journalist painted was in my eyes completely wrong, and generalized beyond any real target. So instead of drawing out something that supported the author’s fossilized ideas, I decided to give said author a heads up. Of course I never knew If our editor would allow this badly concealed mockery, but it went trough. I suspect most of the newspaper staff concerned was with me on this one, all of us enjoying music on our ear buds while going about our everyday lives:)