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New studio

I’ve been at Bryggen since 2010, and I’ve had a good few studios there since then. Both in Holmedalsgården, Bredsgården and four different ones in Jacobsfjorden. It was time to move again due to refurbishments at Bryggen, only I didn’t know where this time. The other moves have been to upgrade and change for something better; this move was out of my hands since the Jacobsfjorden bulding is getting a full makeover.

For a while I didn’t know if I could remain on the ground floor and started thinking of other places in Bergen to set up my studio and shop. I really didn’t want to move from Bryggen and its narrow alleyways – but moving back up in the rafters? It does sound cozy, but being more tucked away than I was would make it a bit difficult to run a studio shop. Then the world went topsy turvy, and me and my collegaues at Bryggen were left to ourselves. The emotional rollercoster that was 2020 sent me from not knowing where I could set up my studio and thinking I would have to find another job, to having my lovely customers cheer me on, getting showered in new tasks and good collaborations, selling out of wares, and moving into the cutest gingerbread cottage with my studio and shop.

Being an artist and running a small studio shop is already a fragile task. My business have taken a few hits over the years, and my problem solving oriented mind went into overdrive trying to figure things out. I’ve always found it exiting to handle new challenges and my mind rots if stuck to long with the same rules.

This was different though. I have a clear visual representation of what this year would look like if it was a thing. My 2020 was being a passenger in a blinking carousel ride with random tasks chucked in from the side that I had to solve while suddenly having to operate the carousel so it wouldn’t crash and burn. Possibly a metaphor surprisingly many will recognize.

I’m still trying to operate the new knobs and dials, but will be taking a few days off over Christmas to enjoy that my carousel had an upgrade – to a gingerbread cottage that doesn’t spins off its axis.