All the feelz

During the last two months life had been turned upside down for many. My job as a small shop owner disappeared overnight, and then reappeared when online sales soared for two weeks. Now when I’ve had time to think, I’ve closed my shop to “By appointment only” and I can take more commissions.

I realized during these weeks that people enjoyed that I shared that life was a rollercoaster of doom and gloom, with some confetti sprinkled on top.

So now I’ve collected a few of my drawings over the last 15 years to illustrate the confusion, the glimpses of happiness, the fear mixed with joy that sparked creativity, and now, the acceptance and utter love for my new situation where I can work in peace for the first time in ages.

Being knocked over and getting back up is nothing new to most of us, and it was inspiring to see the different reactions from creatives to this massive change.

Maybe we needed this. In the midst of all the gloom I’m pretty happy that the breaks are on and we can reassess what kind of world we are stepping back into.

Or not. Pessimists will state that everything will go back to its messy state. Realists too. Optimists will do the changes needed because they know change starts at a personal level. You don’t want giant corporations taking over small businesses? Then use small businesses and stay out of the supermarket. Want a more sustainable clothing industry? Don’t by that cheap sweater then. It’s very easy, and so hard. I hope us optimists are right.

I’m hoping to have my small shop open more than only Saturdays, but until there are more people about I’ll stick to the “By appointment only” and take commissions instead. Unfortunately, I can’t do both due to a shortage of arms – will advocate for a third limb or robot arm in the brave new world I’m looking forward to.

In the meantime, enjoy the mood monsters and gloomy ladies. They usually are an extension of my own mood, just propelled and pushed over the edge – which many can relate to.

Have fun flipping through them!