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Jul på Bryggen

(Christmas at Bryggen)

1st and 2nd of December the Snow Princess and her minions are visiting Jacobsfjorden at Bryggen. 

More about the event over at www.julpaabryggen.no.

Me and several other artists at Bryggen have since 2011 used the first weekend of December to celebrate the opening of our Christmas street and winter decorations. We started this project to make the artists and studios at Bryggen more visible, and be a cozy alternative to major shopping centres.

This year we have more participating studios and artists than ever! This warmes my indie shop heart, that there is enough people that choose to visit and shop handcrafted and from local artists.

Underneath is a map to this year’s participants. Hope to see you at Bryggen Sat 1st and Sun 2nd between 10.30 and 15.00.