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Monsterjazz concerts in Zurich

In a short while I’ll be in Zurich at MOODS jazzclub. Our concerts dates are as follows:
Sunday 23rd of Sept: “Monsterjazz”
Monday 24rd of Sept: “Monsterjazz”
Monday 24rd of Sept (evening): “Hopp (and smile!)”
Tuesday 25rd of Sept: “Monsterjazz”
 Come see us!
Monsterjazz vas a comission from MoldeJazz a few years ago. Combine music and live drawing in some form, together with Karl Seglem and band.
From rehersals at MoldeJazz. Filmed my desk with a GoPro, and then the drawing is simultaniously projected as as backdrop for the band.
Turned my GoPro after a concert and captured us post concert happy.
Drawing produced on stage.
Looking forward to our new sets in Zurich. Wonder what creatures will pop up:)