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Magic Forest Walk

I was on a little research walk in Os outside of Bergen, and rediscovered a place I’ve been hundreds of time since I was a child. Rediscovered, as in properly looked at this place for the first time.

Unfortunately I rediscovered it with my mobile camera, since I left my proper camera at home because of the rain.


We were there to pick mushrooms.

And it turned into a research trip for my next book instead.

I found the glade where my heroine first appears in the book. This place must have been at the back of my mind while I was writing, I came back and recognized it from the story.

I even found the cave they have to spend a night in.

And the good looking mushroom that will make them horribly ill.

Their narrow escape by climbing a tree that takes them to the top of the boulder.

The place they tumble down after escaping.

Following the stone wall…

…and finding the path leading to the main route to a city they need to get to.

Of course aided by cute little forest creatures.

A little note here if you want more details about the current book project:)