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Mermaids & music

When I make illustrations I always have playlists for specific moods I want to convey in color and linework.

When drawing underwater scenes or mermaid themed pieces, here is the list I usually go to. The drawing above though, is already the exception. It was made inspired by Sahg, and their song “Black Unicorn“, and Chelsea Wolfe’s “Carrion Flowers“.

Rococo has been a favorite era my whole life, the costume design, fabrics, the assymetrical, the light and colors, and the sugar-high opulent but graceful design work. It crawls into my drawings quite often, and shapes often also appear trough music. Although not via the clavecin for which the songs were originally written, but played on a grand piano. A girl can only take so much Couperin ploink.

The sea horse is also a favorite of mine to draw. The colors and the shapes they come in; oh my. Watching research videos from their little mating dance, when the female leaves her eggs for her mate to carry, are just dead cute.

Anyone fans of “The Little Mermaid”? And anyone with unfulfilled hair expectations after singing along to the movie? Yes. Me too.

Having an ecclectic taste in music often leads me to drawings and motifs I didn’t expect. Like when this song sounded like chains, I sketched up the drawing above.

This guy. A short video on instagram while drawing this wonderful creature here.

Through my illustrations I get to meet some really interesting people. Like the woman who I met in my shop, that studied and sampled the sounds of the ocean, and the impact noice pollution from our world have on marine life. Food for thought that is.

This post was for you, after talking underwater worlds and the music that derives from it.