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Sign for newly sown grass

For the show “Hagetid” I designed signage for newly sown grass, from my on site pallet and cardboard studio.

I sketched out the design in InD, and then copied the sketch by hand onto a dark brown prepped plank. I’d got my hands on some gold paint, and dark brown + gold = smoooooth.

The font is a modified Gill, self composed typo arrow, paired with Garamond Italic and curly braces. I love curly braces, and since it’s technical writing stating a type of grass used, I figured it was more than approriate to use them. And it’s pretty as anything. If I could make wallpaper of a half drop pattern of curly braces I would. Oh, wait! …Yes. That’s what I’ll do.

The kerning could have been better on the latin name for the grass, “festuca rubra”, but hey, for working on detail typography with brushes on wood from a pallet I think it turned out pretty well.

And it’s gilded.