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New Shetland Voyage!

I’m off to Shetland again! Yesterday I got tickets for our next travel to Shetland Folk Festival on Statsraad Lehmkuhl. Last year’s trip was a mesmerizing mix of stunning views, midnight watches under starry skies, seasickness, hammochs, and lots of good concerts.

Prior to the trip I was also working on a series of mermaid illustrations for an exhibition.

This trip will probably also inspire some new drawings. Or maybe I’ll continue work from the sketches from last time.

I sketched up Uwe the ship’s mouse while onboard.

Since you spend time close to everyone else 24/7 it’s important to seek out some down time. At least it is for me. So here I hid for a morning coffee at port in the company of some ropework and a view to some distant Lerwick sheep and ruins.

And went for a walk among the old trading houses lining the harbour.

We mostly stayed aroud the small town when we were there, but this time I also want to visit some more of the surrounding scenery.

We did happen upon some scenery by accident though. While taking a wrong turn going to a concert venue.

Braid free bliss reduced sight momentarily while sailing from Lerwick.

Can’t wait to do this again.

Knowing that I’m off on a new journey already sparked some new ideas.

Traveling is good for you.