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Illustration on textiles

My printed jackets where cotton fabric printed at Spoonflower, and sent to me as a large roll of fabric. I made five jackets to test if there was a market for illustrated and handmade jackets. And it was! They all sold within a month and I kept one for myself. You can read a little note on the sewing here.

My baby bedsheets that I designed for the launch of Trøysteboka in 2011, seven years ago. Also from Spoonflower, very happy with customer service and print quality. Here is some pictures of the roll of fabric sent. Judging from the photos I took with my phone then I’m so happy I decided to buy a proper camera. All my old blogposts were written in Blogger, and then imported here when I changed to WordPress. Blogger generated some not-so-neat drop shadows on the images, so I guess I’m stuck with them unless I decide to go through all the posts and photoshop away the drop shadows from 2006 until 2012. It just shows that practice makes perfect. Or better at least. Perfection is not a goal in itself for me, finishing what I started is.

Tote bags are DTG printed at Snasent at Bryggen here in Bergen. The colors really pop on these ones! I went to Midgardsblot and at my stall there the zombie unicorns were the most popular item along with my IDGAF t-shirts. The reason I pledge to DTG is because silkscreen can’t replicate the watercolor hues, and DTG seeps into the threads instead of laying on top like a dekal. That means the t-shirt will last longer, and the fabric can adapt freely to whoever’s wearing.

The t-shirts are also produced at Snasent at Bryggen. Doesn’t get more locally produced than popping into the next building to pick them up. Customer service, locally produced, no hassle, and quality is what counts when I order products for my shop.

For a tv-show I made a bean bag made from waterproof fabric. Fun to work on something large.

Current fabric projects are now outsourced, and I gave a roll of monster print jersey to a friend of my that excels at sewing. Don’t know what she’ll come up with, can’t wait to see.