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IDGAF t-shirts

A little note on how I made the unicorn t-shirts!

I had wanted to draw something unicorn-y for a while, but also wanted it to not be …too cute. I like cute, but, you know. Pastel goth fancies.

So I spent an afternoon researching “unicorn skin” and “unicorn hide” and know that sometimes my google searches is utterly bizarre. Tested out lots of different watercolor splotches and landed on hues that show a lot of white. I painted the unicorn by hand in ink and watercolor like I normally do. The text is handwritten in ink, but since I wanted it nice and crisp I then I worked in photoshop placing the watercolor splotches I made.

I also removed her tail and replaced it with just watercolor, no line work. Looked more flowy like that.

The t-shirts are Direct To Garment printed at Snasent at Bryggen. DTG because that’s the only way I get all the colors I want. It’s more expensive than silkscreen and other techniques, but every time I try to covert my drawings to four color prints it just looks… bleargh. And t-shirt quality is really good too, locally produced, quick service and why shouldn’t we pay for good quality products that lasts for a long time.

Since I was on a unicorn streak I also made a sea horse unicorn. I was already making fantasy sea creatures for an exhibition.This one is already sold out, I made 30 signed prints for my shop and web shop.

Probably won’t be the last unicorn I draw!