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Bergen Game Jam 2018

From our GGJ-site:

“Drawing inspiration from Nikola Teslas legendary Wardenclyffe tower and his dream of wireless transmission of energy, Wardenclyff is a game that combines platform and puzzle in an intriguing mix. Help Teslie, the little living Tesla coil, climb all the floors to the top of the tower and solve the mystery of the great machine awating in the great dome. Also accompanying you are the living clouds of electricity Alternating Current and Direct Current, though with their constant bickering they might be more hinder than help. Join us on a shocking adventure that might just reach an electrifying conclusion.”

The win state, that reveals more knowledge to the player about Tesla and Edison’s ongoing quarrel and acievements. Voiceover.

A timely quote from Edison on our “Game Over” graphics.

Bringing a librarian and story/dialogue artist to our team, was solid gold. She really tied the concept together with witty and knowledgeable dialoge to reflect the characters pernonality and with fun facts and puns strewn out for the player to collect.

Download and play our game here!

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