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Mermaids in my web shop

I have a thing for mermaids. And the ocean.

When I travelled with Statraaden earlier this year, and before that arranged a Pirate Festival, I was in full mermaid mode. Marine life is sooo colorful, and a little bit scary sometimes.

In that period I made my Mermaid Queen print.

And when you have a mermaid queen, there might also be a Mermaid Tween. Here is the print in my web shop.

I have also written a story about a mermaid getting tangled in her treasures, a little note on materialistic (un)happiness. It’s not yet published, a lot of other projects swam to the surface before her, but I still haven’t abandoned it. Have a look at her in my web shop.

Let them eat fish cake“, was another lavish mermaid I made. Along with the facination for mermaids, 18th century France and rococo way-over-the-top decorations is something I keep returning to. The decor is overflowing with seachells and pearls, and the whole idea of someone living in a bubble of feathers and cakes amuses me immensely. Talk about escapism.

Mermaid fandom” is exactly that. I loved drawing Ariel as a kid. Drew her over and over again, and I blame her for my unrealistic ideas about amazing gravity-defying long red hair. There is only so much hairspray in the world. For this drawing I wanted to make her proper badass, and made Flounder into a pirana-sloane-viperfish-something.


For Fantasiboka Mette Karlsvik wrote a story about mer people building a city from a sunken whale. Bones, tallow and shipwrecks made into buildings. I loved the idea of this city and I wish the pages of the book had been a meter wide and I could have drawn the whole city. Here is one of the structures in my web shop.

I think writing this post sent me off on another mermaid-round with my watercolors.