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Science books for kids in Copenhagen

I had a workshop with my publisher in Copenhagen Character Publishing, but never posted the pictures. Here is an update on our Science Book for Kids!

First I have to say that Copenhagen is amazing. We all knew that, but I can’t emphasize it enough; Copenhagen life is good for you.

Bike rental guy: “Is turquoise ok?”
Me: “Best bike ever.”

Bikes, a job you love, and good coffee. (At Centraal Cafe & Hotel in Vesterbro.)

And backyard sales that doesn’t suck.

When your Airbnb in Vesterbrogade is closer to ecological outlets than supermarkets making it easier to choose green than plastic bonanza. Ah, the portobello mushrooms<3

…and your landlord grows herbs and rhubarb on his balcony.


The book is due this autumn, will recieve the final version of the text this week. Then it’s onwards with the work!

As a present to myself at the end of the workshop I visited Tivoli Gardens at night^^