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IDGAF Unicorn t-shirt

I have unicorn t-shirts in my webshop! Yaay! The t-shirts are made by Snasent, a two-person run t-shirt printing company also located at Bryggen. I tried for ages to find a company that gave me both the insuranse that the people sewing the shirts have normal working conditions, and where the quality of the print and textile is as good as I want it. And then I found them here at Bryggen!

The whole t-shirt printing business was from the beginning quite the ordeal. I didn’t really want to have things shipped all over the place, but DTG-priting wasn’t an option in Norway when I started looking. So I researched and ordered online. But in the different orders I placed the quality of print and t-shirts wasn’t as good as I wanted. And then my t-shirts sometimes got shipped to Bergen, Usa, and Bergen, Germany, and sometimes disappearing altogether. It quickly became quite the headache. And the hours spent? Don’t really want to think about all the other things I could have spent my time doing. Finding a manufacturer that could also ensure me their shirts aren’t made by child labour or poeple with horrible working conditions was also difficult. So I dropped it, and hoped I could get around to have t-shirts again later.

And NOW I finally do. With less hassle, and I also support another small business at Bryggen. Perfect!

Yay to things working out so much better second time round.