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I’m making cards for those other situations. When shit doesn’t work, when shit does work, failed exams, blissful encounters, or someone just started studying marine biology.

Or, when one should celebrate the chance of actually getting older. The postcard underneath was supposed to do that, but got a bit harsher than originally intended. (Congrats then, prune-face.)

Or this one. I needed a card to say “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that this happened. I’m sorry about the whole damn thing.” And instead found an image that really didn’t need text at all.

And then this one; where you have achieved something so awesome that yelling “THAT IS SO METAL” is the only thing to be said. Or just for the love of pyroshows and el-guitars.

Sometimes cards for everyday life is bullseye too. Telling your partner they have a nice bottom, (maybe also in the voice of a minion) can do wonders for that particular day.

My cards avaliable in my webshop if you were in sudden need of spreading some love. Or amusement. Or mild harassment.

;) Enjoy!