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Sunday Musings: Trolldomsakademiet

This Sunday I’ve been working on graphics for the larp Trolldomsakademiet. I’ve been part of starting up a school that runs five weekends a year, very closely modeled to a certain wizarding school famous for it’s bespectacled student.

I teach Magical Creatures, where the students learn to create characters and stories.

Next weekend (1st and 2nd of April 2017) our school opens it’s doors again in Schøtstuene in Bergen. This time I’m preparing schoolbooks and a small library the students can use, as an excersise for myself when developing stories. Some of the stories and creations I cook up here make their way into my own book series, and some stay at the academy as new character roles, or schoolbook texts. Always fun to test out my creations as I go.

The graphics I’ve been working on is a series of illustrations and alphabets to decorate the different classrooms, where the students can study, find clues, and solve puzzles during the school weekend.

Looking forward to share the graphics over the next few days. But no cheating! I’ll try to make my puzzles as unreadable as possible when posting here, don’t want one of the other school houses to win the tournament do we? Did I say tournament? I meant, very normal and boring school weekend at the Nordic Wizarding Academy. No tournaments here. And especially no cake after eighter.

(May the best house win!)