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New job: co-hosting on TV!

…And then this happened: Today at 20:00 I’ll be co-hosting the first of six garden lifestyle programmes on TV2!

Sometimes my illustrations hand me jobs and adventures I could never have foreseen. Running my own business keep teaching me to be flexible, and that there is no such thing as 5 year plans. Or 3 year plans. One year, or even 3 months. Goals maybe, but fixed stuff? Not so much. Deadlines of course, but plans? Usually about six weeks into the first of many well thought trough plans I wheel off in a new direction because my drawings decide to. My shop at Bryggen is working as mission control for the moment, while I’m off trailing after my books and illustration projects.

Writer Tor Åge Bringsværd once said looking at his life as a writer was like being onboard a rouge dog sleigh where all you can do is hold on and go wherever it takes you. My metaphorical sleigh is a rocket, and it’s manned by short circuted robot creatures steering as they see fit.

So this evening (Tuesday 28th of March) I’ll be co hosting and drawing on TV2 for “Hagetid”, and you can follow us for the next six weeks.

If you want to see teasers from the show aired this evening, follow us on Facebook!