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In May this year my shop at Bryggen can celebrate it’s first 3 years! I’ve sold my illustrations from my various studios and other shops prior to this one, but this is the first 3 years I celebrate as a shop owner.


The shop has changed looks about twice a year until now, but I’m really pleased with how it looks now. Og course it needs all sorts of repairs and upgrades, but it’s quite the haven to come to work in. I’m here three days a week, and then I have other people minding the shop when I’m at my office and studio a few floors above my shop. Both at Bryggen. I’m becoming part of the woodwork.gunvor_rasmussen_bryggen_bergen_hagetid_unesco_gallery

Renting here is the best thing I’ve ever done for my illustration business. My work is more accessible now that I have a gallery one can visit, and having a proper studio did wonders for both inspiration, workflow and to ground me a little. My work takes me all kinds of places, and this place really feel like home.gunvor_rasmussen_hagetid_brgen_bryggen_illustrasjon_galleri

Having my work surround me also gives me inspiration for new illustrations, and not having to pack and unpack stuff all the time is pure bliss. gunvor_rasmussen_hagetid_bryggen_bergen_illustrator

Look at this! All mine^^ gunvor_rasmussen_hagetid_tegning_bryggen_butikk

So be prepared for a shop celebration in May!