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Monster Book Skethces


Today I recieved a story for The Monster Book that triggered my brain creatively to the extent that I almost could hear the wheels ticking and the steam start pouring. It’s written by Tor Arve Røssland, and I think he might have the same standing point as me when it comes to creating good entertainment for kids. Stop with the lecturing, (and in my case: get out of the muddy grounds of social realism) and start inspiring. I LOVE the story:D

These are some of the the first pages of ideas, made with Paper for iPad, and I have already developed some of the ideas further after reading the text a few times more.


The story probably doesn’t _need_ a full study of a monster’s egg. But to me it was important to know what it looked like since there are young ‘uns hatching in the story, and what if their eggs are not subject to the same physical laws as us.

On with the work! This is a too exciting story to illustrate to halt work just because of mundane things like eat or sleep.