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First sketches & layout for The Monster Book

I have read three of the stories for the Monster Book that I’m working on this year, and have started the sketch process. Only 17 stories to go;)

Here are two of the early sketches, …that I was quiiiiite reluctant to show, because they are very quick Photoshop mock ups. We might not even use any of these ideas.This one is one of the first character sketches. When I’m satisfied with the sketch and have discussed the design back and forth with my editor, I’m drawing it out in ink and coloring in with watercolor.

It’s good to finally get started on this, I’ve known about my part in this book for about a year now. Looking forward to reading the next stories. Hopefully they are full of insane, beautiful, weird, sarcastic, melancholic, foolhardy, adventurous, intelligent, loveable and above all humorous monsters:)